Benefits of Corporate Massage

According to a study reported in the journal American Psychologist, employees who received even just a 15 minute massage had improved cognitive brain function and were able to focus on more complicated tasks. Massage also improves creative thinking and relieves fatigue, leaving your employees able to work more efficiently take a more innovative approach to problem solving. Massage can also help increase endurance in the muscles of those employees who have physical labor as a part of their job.

Relieving stress is another benefit of massage that will greatly increase employee productivity. According to the American Psychological Association, stress weakens the immune system, leaving your employees more susceptible to illness and absenteeism. Massage helps to relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and also boosts endorphin production and white blood cell count. This will help keep the employees at your company healthy, alert, and ready to come into work every day.

Physical labor and repetitive movements that are a part of your employee’s job can greatly take a toll on a their body, leading to on-the-job injuries that can cost the company hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars. Whether they are lifting heavy objects, hunching over a desk all day, or engaging in excessive keyboard and mouse use, massage is a great way to help alleviate muscle strain and fatigue, reduce inflammation, and speed up the healing process for muscles and joints that are over-worked. Massage can also increase your employees flexibility and range of motion while increasing employees endurance during the physical demands of their job. All of these benefits greatly decreasing the risk of on-the-job injuries, especially repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), saving you and your company money and the added stress of dealing with these injuries.

Low employee morale in the workplace can have a major effect on your company’s bottom line. Massage off-sets this by creating a positive work environment by lowering the amounts of day-to-day stress, anxiety, and hostility in the work place. Providing your employees with massage also lets them know that you value them and are invested in their health and well-being. Massage has also been shown to be a great way to increase hiring and employee retention, and reduce turnover. Employees that feel appreciated are much more likely to stay loyal to your company and will be motivated to produce their best work.

Massage has been shown to reduce chronic pain, headaches, lower blood pressure, and produce numerous other health benefits. Massage just feels good! In a year-long study done at 3M in Austin, TX, employees reported an immediate reduction in stress following an on-site chair massage. After the study, 99.7% said in a survey that massage should be made accessible to all employees.

Massage does not take up a lot of space or time out of your employees work day; just 15 minutes is all it takes. Massage is very often cheaper than providing free soda or coffee, and it’s healthier! Incredibly effective, massage will give same day results that can last for weeks and is equally cost-effective for your company.